As the secular socialism continues to be forced on America a few thoughts, predictions or comments come to mind.
About 70% of American voters are mad, feel betrayed or sense real fear. The demo-socialists will continue to pass their dream bills by ANY tactics while the lib-media changes their diapers. The demo-socialists will use ANY distraction, lie or smear. There will be (can be) no recovery due to the huge taxes and bills on our doorstep. Note that the feds continue to hire at a high rate, over 16 thousand new IRS agents to enforce O-care is the latest as the private jobless remains over 10% plus the underemployed.
Voters without a job or those that lost their house will not forget November 2. The other achilles heel of the modern demo-socialist is always foreign policy which engenders both shame and fear in voters. Time is the greatest demo-socialist enemy when they figure it is their greatest friend. Tomorrowland is the specialty product that quickly gets stale as J. Carter discovered. The economy will continue to decay because of O-care with costs rising nationwide on many goods or services. Where do you think the companies already announcing huge O-care costs are going to make up most of those lost billions?
Elections SHOULD cleanse the corrupt congress but fair elections will be the concern. The demo-socialists are pushing for illegals, felons and the uneducated to be voting no later than 2012 with completed sample ballot in hand. The “take-away” of social freebies will continue to be the demo-socialists rally cry. Its “all free if you vote for me” will continue. Any election within 5k votes will be contested a la Franken. You really think a Kelo-Feingold approving Supreme Court is the answer? I don’t.
America is $13 trillion in debt so the rumble is a VAT (value-added tax of 15-20%) like in socialist europe is coming fast. They seem to have the votes for anything as you now know.
The O-administration is packed with unhappy radicals, known America haters and socio-commie mindsets so there will be no mercy, no logic, NO BOUNDARIES, no reason, no economic understanding, no transparency, no respect, no honesty, no vision, no class, no humility and no freedom-based options in the Alinsky game plan for you.
Demons and distractions will be created weekly to avoid voter realization of policy failures.
Challengers will continue to be mocked, smeared or ignored. They seem to have the votes to muffle talk radio.
Stonewalling arrogance (genetic for the socialists) constantly fuels the November 2nd payback election so have no concern about the fire dying. Its year 2 for Obama and year 4 for a demo-socialist congress.
How long do you think the lying blameshifting game can last?
Gird your loins. About 80% of the scourging lies ahead.