I maintain the secular socialists can only sell their poison via distractions, lies and smears. Since the HC nationalized bill has cleared the first hurdle its “distraction time”. The self-anointed mush-mouth moderate (and always fearful or fawning) Republicans are crying that somehow the Republicans “hurt themselves” by not caving. How do you do that when over 70% of the voters were and are against the bill? Is 70% of the vote in the next election not enough. Good grief! The compulsory victim parade is another lib-textbook distraction from the total cost and freedoms lost from their goofy new bills. Republicans SHOULD have their own victim shows as we sink further into a recession but they just don’t play that game much. Too bad. Their bad.

Then you have the demo-socialists and their lib-media diaper changers again pretending to give Republicans “advice”.
I am sick of these secular socialists giving advice to those they wish would “drop and die” as Hendrix said in a song.
Who gives a fig newton about advice from the lefty kooks? Just ignore or laugh at it.
They do this from time to time as a form of “caring manipulation”. Its toxic baloney.

Then we have the lib-media reveling in a charge that some unwitnessed and unfilmed person yelled slurs at black elected folks.
This is the “99.9% is not good enough” approach the left ALWAYS takes. Any threat to them must be smeared. That may take a day or month or more but they WILL be smeared if they are telling the truth about modern liberalism or presenting conservative ideas to the public. Mark it. It ALWAYS HAPPENS. Non-socialists MUST be smeared early on…its that distraction thing to get the voters off the actual debate. Usually the effective group is termed radical or nazi-like or tea baggers or racists or yada yada. Maybe a single person of 25 thousand yelled out a slur (maybe). This charge will be mentioned (at least) the rest of the year. This is what is ALWAYS planned…the fog of a smear to distract and discredit. No amount of apology is ever completely accepted either.

Real debate or access to the public ear must be stopped by the secular socialists. They have only 3 weapons as mentioned above: distractions, lies and smears. Thinking voters should be on alert and react accordingly.