Once again Obama used his cowardly strategy of giving extra long fantasyland fuzzy answers when asked ANYTHING of substance about the Health Care bill (or anything else for that matter).
Tomorrow what he said today is invalid, misunderstood or a bold lie. How can a man lead America “rope-a-doping” month after month?
Some questions could have been improved upon and that did not help. So many concise “do you support” or “does the bill contain” questions failed to be asked.
I would have asked these for starters:
1…Have you read the Senate Bill?
2…Do you favor buying insurance nationwide to lower costs?
3…Why were you and your Party so outspoken against the “end run” processes you now consider okay?
4…What country is the success model for nationalized Health Care?
5…Will this bill be 3-9x more expensive than the selling price like previous major federal programs?
6…Why are there over 100 unelected Boards and Panels in this bill?
7…Why can’t Portability and Tort Reform be proposed in a separate bill this year?
8…Why are federal workers exempted from this wonderful bill?
9…Do you support any of the well-known Republican HC reforms?
Obama can’t seem to be honest or direct with the voters BUT the voters are going to be both come November.