This published Letter To Editor is my March 8th reply to a kook liberal LTE last Wed in the Natchez, Ms. paper (The Natchez Democrat)…
I replied to each of his misguided points:
(paper changed this to “Democrats Telling Fantasy Stories”.
I read with amazement at the faulty information found in the long letter of 3.3.10 concerning Health Care.
Does the writer know that not once in his poitical life has Obama ever ACTUALLY extended his arm to those he opposes?
He was the rated MOST liberal (aka secular socialist) human in the U. S. Senate for a reason.
Where was this writer when the Democrats were the “Party of No” just a few years ago? Was that okay?
All we heard then was the constant chatter about “the rights of the minority”.
I ask who took our Social Security megabillions and put them into the General Fund? (Democrats) Who broke the tie vote to TAX our Social Security checks? (Gore) Who signed the bill to TAX our Social Security? (Clinton) Which Party exempts themselves from this expensive takeover of our Heath Care and rejected Republican attempts to include everyone? (Democrats)
Which Party exempted the 1.8 million unionized gov-meant workers from this wonderful bill? (Democrats)
Some REAL reasons Health Care costs are way above what they should be are: Democrats refuse to allow us to shop for a Plan nationwide like we can do for car insurance. Why not have 1,300 companies to pick from?
Democrats refuse to allow lawsuit (tort) reform like the successful Texas model because the trial lawyers are big democrat contributors. Doctors pay 2-4 thousand a month thanks to democrats blocking tort reform.
Democrats refuse to allow Portability so we can take our Plan from one job to another or at least keep the same Plan for a year between jobs.
Democrats ALWAYS hurt the poor by their wrong-minded policies that lay off the little guys first. The Party that has controlled Congress since Jan. 2007 has the nerve to blame others for putting us all $13 trillion in debt AND doubling the jobless.
The voters have told the controlling Party for a year they do NOT WANT socialized medicine and 2 trillion more of
debt. They do not want to be fined because they do not buy insurance. They do not want over 100 boards and panels
to run their personal health care. Democrats do not need any Republicans to pass this but only to share the blame.
The misguided have drank the smiling socialist kool-aid again.
J. Carter Obama is clueless but the average American is not fooled by the daily lies. Voters will send a message to
the arrogant they will not forget. If this bill is sooo wonderful, why are the Democrats telling us they are willing to risk
huge defeats in the next election? Why will they lose if its so wonderful?
America is jobless, broke and hurting. It is not the time to tell us fantasy stories about strawman demons.