To all Global Warming promoters and believers:
I taught college Biology 27 years…now retired…the data fakers and data omission folks are NOT real scientists doing REAL science!
Get that point NOW! Real science promotes debate (Gore does not permit questions at his speeches…what does that tell you?)
To use 2-3 trees to predict the end of the planet is nutty.
These GW promoting “scientists” get megamillions from gov-meant grants…follow the money.
A “scientist” bound by these factors is NO scientist at all.
The mere fact they refuse debate tells you ALL you need to know. Real science invites and promotes debate. The model was and is faulty so they “DUPED FOR DOLLARS” most of the trusting world. Real scientists are also “show me” skeptics!
Science books for generations explained how “this planet’s sun is shrinking by nuclear reactions”…losing matter by the day…(its “the matter into energy into light” thing) and eventually it would be too small to heat earth. This was usually projected to be “about 10,000 years” due to the giant size of our sun.
The basic principle has NOT changed. Earth will never be anything more than a COOLING star, so to speak.
Perhaps all these young global warming believers were busy studying Whales 101 so did not reach the cooling of earth or maybe they took Eco-Diversity 102 instead of Physical Science or Chemistry.
Notice NOBODY has ever mentioned this longtime science textbook earth cooling principle. Has it been “edited out” by the thought police? Shame on thousands of science teachers who should also know better.
PLEASE copy-paste this as you wish…Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D. (ret 2004) in Vidalia, La.