The proper term, the accurate term, the best debate term, the term we should all start using NOW to describe the modern democrat agenda is secular socialism…that is how they vote year after year after year.
The modern democrats are secular socialists (hence the ss marriage, abortion love and so on)…secularism is the essential prophet of socialism.
If we all framed the political debates in terms of secular socialism…its sooo much easier. Just say, “I oppose secular socialism”…let others worry about the definition. Leave out names, its not really about names…the names carry the water for secular socialism.
Most every time I type democrat or liberal (never use progressive, play your game, not theirs of deceit…there is nothing progressive about secular socialism, ask Cuban refugees)…I put (aka secular socialists).
When someone says, “liberal” or “progressive”…just say… “Oh, the secular socialists”. Do this sort of thing all the time. Never back off.
Imagine if there were decals on bumpers that said…SECULAR SOCIALISM SUX…no names, no party.
Let the viewing voters look it up and maybe they will get a clue about all the sugar-coated lies of secular socialism.
Let’s review the equation…democrat = liberal = progressive = secular socialist.
Join the fun, join the movement. Get on offense and stay there. I dare you.
As they said in the movie, “Trading Places”…”fear, that’s the other guy’s problem”.
Democrat => liberal => progressive => secular socialist.