The smiling kool radical socialist Obama is now the country’s biggest crybaby.
He started 2010 by blame shifting after a full year in office (democrat congress since Jan. 2007) and shifted to its “poor pitiful me”.
Now we are subjected to this juvenile jabber (like its never existed before):
“Being the President is hard…You have to make decisions all by yourself (no voting present)…You are so very busy…You have so little privacy”.
What a crybaby!
You had all the answers in 2008 so in 2009 you applied YOUR secular socialist principles, spent trillions, 4x the debt, 2x the jobless, broke all records for speeches, YOU went back on dozens of promises, YOU demonized big business weekly and NOW “being President is hard”?
Well, guess why? Its the A_rrogant S_ecular S_ocialism dahhhh.