It is so clever and amazing how the cult of allah terrorists always use our freedoms against us. The new thing they learned quickly is the PC (aka liberal guilt-reality denial) soft underbelly so treasured by democrats makes the odds of them being caught drop significantly.
Note the military moslem serial murderer and now the Nigerian attempted mass murderer. What we do know is they continue the 99% moslem profile 99% of the time terrorist record. They both were very far from poverty. This reinforces the (often rejected) theory that they are simply mass murderers in the name of a “cultist religion” only. Kill all infidels and somehow…”its all good”. Somehow their god “loves them” and rewards them. Maybe Abel was really an infidel and Cain a closet cult of allah guy.
As America goes into 2010, will security organizations REVISE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES to reflect reality and reject democrat PC-fantasyland? If these last two cultists do not teach the PC-liberal crowd…just what would? The PC-ism is so ingrained in the modern democrat (aka secular socialist pacifist) that nothing small will stir them to take off their blinders. We all now know the dozens of “missed signs”.
Its the Obama “watch” so there is no where to hide on this issue.
I submit only AFTER another mega-murder will congress finally force aggressive profiling like that used by countries not cursed with democrat guilt issues. Many must die for democrats to face reality. The clock ticks louder every day. Ignore what is said, watch what is done.
We can only “hope” for a serious domestic terrorist policy “change” before another 9-11.