joelweymouthtais | December 28 4:36am | Permalink
I agree with the conclusion of your article, but I do not agree that you that there should be disappointment.
1.He was not vetted by our press at all. He never released his school financial records, his academic records, nor any of his scholarly articles. It was assumed he was brilliant.
2. The American media reported the large crowds, but the did not report that there was free food offered and live entertainment. Of course there would be large crowds. Sarah Palin brings in as large a crowds, simply on who she is. That is why the American media is trying to destroy her – she has what they wish Obama has.
3. The connections he had with the Chicago political machine was never reported – Chicago is THE most corrupt city in America and the press there is a joke. Obama ran one of the most dirty campaigns to win the Senate seat – Axelrod used illegal methods to get the sealed divorce papers of Ryan and knocked him out of the race. All of this was unreported.
4. When the man speaks, his entire theme is platitudes and cliche. He is a demagogue and a bad one without the teleprompter. Those of us who hated him from the beginning warned everyone – even liberals – because we knew he was a phony and would betray his base in the end. Frankly, all that has happened has been no surprise. What has surprised me is the anger of the Conservatives and Independents.
Don’t you be surprised if we don’t remove him before 2012. If he loses Congress, watch him react like an African Dictator – like Odinga.
There is a movement in the American Military called the Oathkeepers – vowing to stand against the President in the event he tries to usurp Constitutional Powers. It will be an interesting time until 2012 – you are fortunate enough to be in Britain.
ReportRightStuff | December 28 3:01am | Permalink
Barack Obama is a dreadfully incompetent person. His incompetence is the result of his youthful drug abuse.
The major effect of youthful drug abuse is arrested maturity. Couple this drug-induced incompetence with his narcissism, and we have a real problem. We have a high school sophomore for a president, literally.
See National Institute of Health studies on youthful drug abus e and arrested maturity. He was cool enough to fool enough people into voting for him, though, and we will all suffer.