CONGRESS HC PLAN (U can’t have)
Ever wonder why people spend a million to get a job paying under $175k?
Our arrogant congressional royalty…you know, the one that raises its own pay in a severe recession and lusts only for 40 years in the D.C. power bubble, that royalty.
Ever realized their health care coverage WE pay for with taxes?
According to the May 2009 CR…
this is what they have in their FEDERAL Employees Health Benefits Program:
1…No annual or lifetime limits for major services
2…$300 deductible per person and $600 per family
3…Limited 5k a year they pay with preferred providers (which includes most deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays)
Covered Services are:
1…In and out-patient care, visits, surgery and mental health care
2…Prescriptions and diagnostic tests
3…Preventative care including routine shots
4…Chem and radiation therapy
5…Family Planning and organ-tissue transplants
6…Durable med equip and artificial limbs
7…Physical, occupational and speech therapy
They pay $152 a MONTH each or $357 a FAMILY.
Okay, take out your family policy and compare.
The folks that “understand” your family struggles have this program.
The feds are special, you and your family are not.
Ask yourself why we can’t have the same coverage.
They are exempted from any new gov-meant Plan too.