“The Factor” of December 7, 2009 showed a CBS program clip. The clip featured “Frosty the Snowman” trashing the whole concept of the figure being a moral happy symbol of the Christmas (aka winter) season. Frosty had a porn collection and made other inappropriate offensive comments. What viewers must understand is that the modern liberal is a strident member of the secular socialist church. This sort of ugly distortion is wholly intentional.
The modern liberal (aka secular socialist) detests morals, detests people of faith, detests even the intact moral family. Their game is NO boundaries (moral or ethical)…that is how they speak, they act, they vote, they believe. Truth is not a goal and morality simply an obstacle to their total control of your life. They are happiest when they can drain the shame and respect from a culture. Its what they always do.
We, of course, are the low life contented people of faith trying to raise our children away from the harsh secular poison (at least till senior high). The modern liberal prefers vivid sex programs for pre-teens and now this.
We, of course, “just don’t understand”. We are just “way too rigid, way too judgmental” they say.
We understand perfectly and must continue to reject the angry secular socialists (aka democrats, liberals, progressives, yada yada).
Yes, modern liberalism is a mental disorder.