Where can a moral person start? This sure poses some NEW non-PC questions.
Did the O. J. family image breeze thru your mind for just 3 seconds? Be honest. What does this say about certain myths?
One myth is its the dream of every black man to have such a knockout beautiful white wife plus hundreds of millions in the bank (after working 12 years). So much for that. File that with the myth “married men don’t rape” (read the Boston Strangler or BTK book).
Did we ever hear from the Woods’ clergyman? Their church? Most folks realize a faith practiced can be the difference when tempted by the “liberal” woman…at least in “the before time”…before people of faith were trashed daily by liberals as kooks.
Don’t we all realize that since Woodstock times (the secular baptism of America) that woman are no longer the deer pursued by the lion.
Way too many are deer with male antlers ready to drop their self-respect in a heartbeat? Even HGTV constantly has shack-up “couples” proudly buying houses. Such is one by-product of modern SECULAR socialism…its all relative, its all personal, nobody really gets hurt.
This moral decay has actually hurt married women most…how ironic that female “lib-eration” destroyed millions of families as divorce became rampant. “Single parent family”…another liberal term invented following the moral decay of secular socialism they promote.
Of course, many like to see a good man dragged down to their moral level…its so comforting to the sickos.
Pointing at other bad behavior does not excuse your bad behavior (lib-media think it does unless its a political enemy).
Its like saying stealing is “no big deal” (a lib term if there ever was one) because thousands do it daily.
What is to be learned? Maybe despite having what EVERYONE considers all the advantages…look what happened to Tiger.
Morals matter and character counts to a family and a nation…ask his outraged morally superior wife.
(remember that calling me judgmental makes you judgmental…so don’t bother)