$63B to US Agency that will Sterilize 700,000 Rwandan Men

SoCons and Libs will be debating forever about population control. India, China, the poverty pockets all over Africa will be held up as exhibits for the prosecution. Tokyo, NYC, Singapore, and most Western cities will be held up as examples of wealth and prosperity. It’s a classical Conservative vs. Progressive issue. High population (“over-population” being a subjective measurement) as a root cause of poverty is questionable at best. I happen to believe that, everywhere “population control measures” are applied, they are a political tool aimed more towards eugenic rather than humanitarian goals. Whatever side you come down on, it has always been against US foreign policy to fund forced sterilization. But what do you call it when the targeted population is military, getting its direction to sterilize from on high? Is it forced? Well… anyone who’s ever been attached to a government operation of any kind knows that combining quotas and “initiatives” equals a directive.

Front Royal, VA, 02/09/11 — Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), expressed outrage today at a clear instance of U.S. tax dollars being used to aid a coercive campaign to sterilize 700,000 Rwandan men in 3 years. The program is being carried out under the active influence of at least two USAID-funded special interest groups: Intrahealth and Family Health International. Mosher vowed that PRI would “do everything in its power” to expose and halt the use of U.S. taxpayer funds on this campaign against the Rwandan people.

Is anyone monitoring to see which of Rwanda’s ethnic groups will be sacrificing the greater share of their progeny to the god of population control? Is there a chance that the do-gooders of the US State Department are happily staving off more bloody genocide with the “civilized” genocide of government forced sterilization?

Well, that is the moral part of the argument. Now if the alleged FiCons are still with me, here is where the money is coming from according to a Larry Nowels, formerly of the Congressional Research Center:

Global Health Initiative. Last year, the Obama Administration issued the outlines of a $63 billion, six-year health plan that aims to broaden the Bush signature President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program to other health investments, including maternal and child health, nutrition, and health system strengthening. USAID’s health budget for FY2011 is $2.6 billion, nearly $600 million higher than FY2010. [USAID partners with the State Department and Health and Human Services for a total Global Health Initiative budget of something over $9.5 billion government-wide.] The largest increases in USAID’s health request are for maternal and child health (+48%) and neglected tropical diseases (more than double FY2010 amounts).

OK. There’s AIDs funding there, money that was originally part of Bush 43’s massive package for Africa that the MSM largely ignored. But I’d like an AIDS specialist to tell me why money to fight AIDS is being used for massive drives to circumcise African and military age college men. The Population Research Institute (PRI) has a clue:

According to the BBC and Rwandan news outlets, the Rwandan government is introducing this campaign on the heels of a large-scale effort to circumcise men (a procedure which allegedly “protects against” HIV/AIDS infection). However, as the New Times reports, the real reason circumcision was included was simply because “it allows us get to the men’s reproductive system and in the process we advise them on condom use and vasectomy.”

Here we have a prime example of Third World “relief” in the guise of “Fighting AIDS” being diverted to Liberal social engineering mischief if not outright ethic cleansing. The mingling of AIDS “help” with forced sterility initiatives in the 3rd World will look like genocide to future generations no matter how you color it.

Hey… Congress! Looking for some ideas for contributing to that $100B in cuts? Sterilizing 3rd World males – or females for that matter – en masse ain’t by any stretch of the imagination “Fighting AIDS.”

I have an idea… let’s bring those Peace Corps (or USAID, or whatever) doctors and their vasectomy snippers to the State Department first, then work their way around inside the beltway until we can be sure that the Washington Bureaucrat over-population issue is completely addressed.