Politics as Usual - No More

As I write this diary, only my second feeble attempt in my 5 years plus on RS, I’m watching the end of one of my favorite faded color classics of the 70’s… “Soylent Green,” on cable.  The idea of the dead being harvested for food was once the realm of wild apocalyptic vision sci fi.  Today, what we know as fact about the “enlightened progressive” left has us wondering not whether, if left unchecked, they would actually go so far as “socialized cannibalism,” but how long it would take them to get there.  We’re not shocked anymore when we read about lefty environmentalist and “Family Planning” zealots not only believing that humanity is a pestilence upon Mother Earth, but actually putting themselves in the role of exterminators – on the taxpayers’ dime.  Unimaginable two generations ago.  Unthinkable one generation ago.  Politics as usual today.  Which brings me to my topic.

I hereby accuse the Republican ruling class – names to be named – of high treason for having, with malice of forethought, sabotaged the two party system across the United States in general, and in Washington D.C. in particular.  Their motive was nothing so common as ideology or greed.  It was just politics, politics with a small p.  Or, more appropriately, I guess, a contempt for mere politics.  You see, if you are an elite, a member of the ruling class, all that icky arguing and disagreeing is beneath your so-called dignity.  And, what the hell, with your mainstream Protestant or lapsed Catholic ethics of Moral Equivalency, you pretty much agree with your counterparts in the D party anyway.  So, why not throw the urban elections their way?  And look how popular you’ll be with your Country Club spouses and friends when you reach across the aisle… for the children, of course.

I wish it were just my conservative wingnut imagination at work here.  But when I was asked by a GOP operative, some twenty-five years ago – with no political experience to save my life – if I would consider running for a state political office out of Philadelphia as a Republican, it was understood that actually getting elected was in no  way part of the offer.  I had no reason to believe that hundreds, maybe thousands of such conversations had not taken place among Republicans in blue cities across the country.  How far a stretch is it that, in more than a few cases, such offers went to democrats, just to keep things looking honest?  No, really.  We’re talking about the home town of Snarlin’ Arlen here.  Such deals were, in all appearances, Politics as Usual.  I suppose the enlightened call it “realpolitik.”  I call it what it is… old fashioned corruption.

This brings me to the hot topics of the day, Karl Rove and Art Chance, two guys who I know in my heart that I would enjoy as friends or fishing buddies… but who, in my view of the world, have been part of the problem all along.  You see, in their estimation, the rest of us should have just STFD and STFU and let them go on about their jobs showing us all how it’s done.  Remember the tantrum Rove had in 2004 telling the “Christian Right” to stay home if they didn’t like the flight to the moderate middle that the GOP was taking?  How did he get away with that and then get on Fox as a Conservative Guru?  I’m no pundit and I won’t analyze it.  It was enough for me to watch Rove hold the GWB presidency under water until the bubbles stopped as the media yelled “Bush lied!  People died!”  That wasn’t political incompetence, it was calculated political murder.  It was the realpolitik of staying popular in the circles of power.  It has always amazed me and disappointed me at the same time that geniuses of all stripes are capable of total treachery for the sake of expediency or even popularity.  This is “the world,” we are warned about in scripture.  As for achance, well… let’s face it… Stevie Wonder saw that one coming.  I don’t have to like him… but I still love the guy enough to pray for him.

Karl, Art, we’re coming, like it or not.  And it won’t be politics as usual.