My First Visit with Mitt

As I turn the corner into the Oval Room instead of looking up to see the President face to face I’m instead looking down at the question I needed to ask him first.  I look up to a smiling man, Mr. Smith, the president’s chief of staff.  I can see Newt in the background, and of course, he’s busy working on something.  4 a.m. and the world’s hardest job is already hard at work.

“Sometime between 4 and 4:15 Mister Romney will have a minute to talk.”

Until he came to talk to me I could hear him chatting with his administration about foreign policy, some economic news, and finally about his 2016 election campaign.  Needless to say he talked only momentarily about Tim McGovern and his Texas Strategy calling it a “bad idea” and an “insult to our intelligence”.

I could tell it was my turn with the president because the secret service stopped blocking my view of the president and they opened up creating an alley for the president to come and shake my hand.

“Nice to meet you son, welcome to my world.”

“Likewise Mister President,” I said, “Nice to meet you too.  So the first thing I must say is, Thank you so much for repealing and destroying Obamacare!”

The president laughed and answered without hesitation, “Obamacare is why I’m president.  People know that freedom from government intervention is the truest freedom.”

I knew that this was MY president.

Tomorrow is a meeting with a delegation from Germany.  What should I expect?  Any questions for our friends from Germany?