What would you ask President Romney?


Thank you United for a good flight, and thank you KFC for a good dinner, and Holiday Inn for a good bed to sleep in.  Don’t miss tomorrow’s column.  It should be the best column of my life.  My first meeting with President Romney .

Now I’m really trying to do this social media thing to the Maxx, and out of the many suggestions I’ve received I’m leaning toward three particular statements:

1) Thanks for repealing Obamacare! (this statement will hafta be handicapped 😛 )

2) Can you please help us restrict Congress’s taxing power?

3) Help America become a free market economy, where even non-commerce is free and untaxed (for more info check out: http://www.redstate.com/teresakoch/2012/06/30/proposed-a-new-amendment-to-the-constitution/ Thanks Teresa in Fort Worth,TX)

Vote today, add suggestions, and maybe tomorrow the first words out of my mouth could be your words!