The Phone Call of All Phone Calls


The phone call that I had been waiting for all my life came a ringing this morning.  No, it wasn’t his secretary, it wasn’t a pre-recorded robo-call, it was the President of the United States on the phone, Willard Mitt Romney, himself, Mitt in all his straight forward, frank, yet folksy words, talking to me on the phone, letting me know that I would be his man.  I would be Mitt’s internet sponsored shadow, I would be the President’s reporter-in-arms for RedState.com.

What can you expect from me?  A no-nonsense point of view on the president who brought us back from the brink of Obamanation.  The president who some already are calling: The best since Reagan.

Not the normal news, folks.  I want to give you an insider look.  An intimate glance at the human side of Mitt.  Anything is legal.  Anything from what’s your favorite breakfast cereal ?, to Which foreign leader do you wish you could punch.

But a blog it will be, a diary even.  Make sure to keep in contact with me on Twitter @2016GOP, isn’t that official sounding?  That way we can communicate everywhere!  I will try to post daily, either here or there, and I will try to respond to as many inquiries as possible.  Hopefully I can keep y’all as interested in this blogging journey of mine, so I want to keep you up to date on what’s going to happen, so y’all can help me!

So, tomorrow I will be on a flight to D.C., I will land, kiss the ground, then get some KFC and off to bed early, because at 4 a.m. on July 2nd I will be meeting Mitt face to face.  So what’s the first thing you say to the President of the United States?  Let me know?!