Liberals Around America Praying for Christine O'Donnell Victory

There is a reason Liberal Democrats want Christine O’Donnell to win the DE Primary Tuesday: She cannot beat liberal Democrat Chris Coons. Here are comments from the liberal elction blog Swing State Project on the potential O’Donnell victory:

“Please, God. Yes” –  JeremiahTheMessiah http://www.swingstateproject.com/showComment.do?commentId=169640

“Thank You Delaware Republicans!

Thank you Sarah! Thank You O’Donnell supporters. I kid you not I literally just walked out of my house and yelled thank you Jesus! Not even playing I swear I did. I live in the middle of nowhere and no one heard me but still.”- hoosierdem http://www.swingstateproject.com/showComment.do?commentId=169644
Thats just a small sample of the, as of now, 74 comments praising Christine O’Donnell, because they now that a Christine O’Donnell win Tuesday means a Chris Coons win in November.
According to Rasmussen Reports, Chris Coons leads O’Donnell by 11 points, 47-36.
According to Rasmussen Reports, Mike Castle leads Chris Coons by 11 points, 48-37.
According to the unreleased Public Policy Polling poll:
[Chris Coons] would start out with a large advantage over O’Donnell in a general election match up, and is polling closer to Castle than he was when PPP polled Delaware last month.
Its very simple. If you want to see large enough majorities in Congress to override an Obama veto on ObamaCare repeal, Mike Castle is your man. If you want to embarrass the Obama Administration by winning the VP’s Senate Seat, Mike Castle is your man. If you don’t care if ObamaCare is revealed, Christine O’Donnell is your girl. If you want the Administration to be opening champagne bottles November 3rd, knowing they held on to Biden’s seat, then Christine O’Donnell is your girl.
If you want Obama and Biden to be in the fetal position crying November 3rd because of embarrassing losses in Illinois and Delaware, Castle is your man.
I also want to ask what happened to everyone who was so appalled at Andre Bauer’s campaign for SC Gov. He started calling Nikki Haley a whore, falsely accusing her of affairs. Now, Christine O’Donnell is falsely accusing Mike Castle of having a gay affair, and everyone ignores it. I just find that crazy.