Ken Buck Calls Tea Partiers "Dumbasses"

A few days after saying the reason you should vote for him is “I do not wear high heels”, Ken Buck has been caught calling Tea Partiers “dumbasses”. That’s right, after courting the Tea Party and calling himself the Tea Party candidate, Ken Buck has turned on them. I admit, I had been neutral in this race. However, after this, I have to say I support Jane Norton. First his flirting with birtherism (He said he would support lawsuits requiring Obama to prove his citizenship), his description of the Tea Party, and Jan Brewer’s endorsement of Norton has pushed me into Norton’s camp. This is not the first time Ken Buck has turned on someone that support’s him. After Tom Tancredo called Obama the “Greatest threat to our security”, Buck turned on him saying “I can’t believe that guy opened his mouth.” Then, after Norton agreed with Tancredo’s comments, Buck did another turn around, stating he agreed with Tancredo. Now, after being caught calling the Tea Party movement “dumbasses”, Buck is pandering to them again saying he regrets his comments. How many of his supporters will he throw under the bus before they realize he is just using them?