Indiana: Pence says no, should we stop here? Nope.

Just because Pence has said no doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get a chance to say Bayh Bayh, Bayh in November. Currently, the best Republican candidate looks like State Sen. Marlin Stutzman
He is conservative, without all the baggage of John Hostettler.
But, he is not setting the world on fire in fundraising. There are some other candidates who could be strong because of their positive, strong name rec already who we should try and convince to jump in the race-
Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard- Call him @ 317-686-3440 or e-mail at Greg Ballard E-mail

Lt. Gov Becky Skillman-
E-Mail [email protected]

Secretary of State Todd Rokita
Call him at 317-964-5055

Owner of Weaver Popcorn, Will Weaver
Contact info unavailable

If you have any ideas about other candidates or some more contact info for the above candidates, please post it in comments!