Hell Has Frozen Over: Boston Herald Endorses Scott Brown!!

I am as shocked as you are. One of the major Boston newspapers endorsing a conservative Republican!
Today has been a very big day for Scott, as he has raised over $626,000 in his Red Invades Blue Money Momb and has already extended his goal to $750,000 by midnight EST, from his previous goal of $500,000!!
Here is the partial text of the Herald endorsement:

Massachusetts voters have to ask themselves a serious question before they head to the polls next week: Are they content with the current state of affairs in Washington?

Are they content with a sweeping health care bill, now being negotiated behind closed doors by principals from only one political party? (So much for a new era of bipartisanship promised by our president.)

And are they prepared for the impact that bill will have on the health care industry in our own state, where we already insure 97 percent of our population?

Are they prepared for the devastating impact of $500 billion in Medicare cuts, both on our citizens and on our hospitals?

But there is far more that is going wrong these days in D.C. than just the health care fight. There has been a similar rush to “fight global warming” with policies that would tax us back to the Stone Age.

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