Time For a Post-Christmas Miracle: Red Invades Blue MoneyBomb for Scott Brown (MA Special Election)

Believe it or not, there is one last hope for a surefire kill to ObamaCare. His name is Scott Brown. He is running to succeed the late Ted Kennedy in the Senate. The election for the seat is January 19th. Currently, he has all the momentum in the race. His opponent, Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley is facing ethical issues, avoiding one-on-one debates, and sucking at the three candidate debates. From what I hear, Brown’s campaign has a lot of visibility in MA. People are reporting seeing hundreds of signs for Scott Brown, and many less for Coakley.
Now, you may say that Scoot Brown has no chance. Let’s not forget his 2004 special election victory for his state senate seat. At the time, Massachusetts’ own Democratic senator was running for president. He had not yet won the primary. The special election for the state senate was on the same day as the Democratic presidential primary. Everyone had said Brown’s opponent won the minute he became the Democratic nominee. Well, look who’s now a state senator.
There is a moneybomb for Scott Brown on January 11th. You can pledge your support here-