Before the Primaries...there is another election

In a little over a month, voters in Massachusetts will head to the polls and elect a new United State’s Senator. They have two choices.
Liberal Democratic Attorney General, Martha Coakely, who is qualified to be a US Senator because “my sister lives overseas”. Her words, not mine.

But, there is another choice. State Senator Scott Brown won the Republican primary with 90% of the vote last Tuesday night. He is the most conservative member of the MA State Senate, having never voted for a tax increase. He is also against gay-marriage and the use of tax-payer money for abortions. In 2004, he won a special election for his senate seat on the day that Massachusetts’ own senator was on the ballot for the Democratic Presidential Primary. Pretty impressive huh? If he can overcome those odds, I like his chances of overcoming these.

Let’s forget Florida, Utah, and California for the next month and focus on Massachusetts. Want to kill the bill? What better way to do it than electing a Republican to the seat of Ted Kennedy?
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