Let's Not Fail Chuck Devore Again

At the end of last quarter, Chuck Devore asked us to help him raise some money on-line. I believe it was $30,00, but I know it was much less than his goal for this quarter: $50,000, and we failed him. We did not meet his goal. This quarter it is much closer. He currently has raised $38,745. He is still over $11,000 short of his $50,000 goal. We have less than 24 hours left. Put this on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Let’s show Carlyfornia and Barbara “Call me Senator” Boxer that Chuck Devore is a real threat! Even Al Gore http://chuckdevore.com/blog.asp?artid=144 thinks so!

Donate to Chuck @ http://www.chuckdevore.com/

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