Joseph Cao MONEY BOMB!!

Hello Red Staters! While everyone parties in Atlanta and we get stuck hearing about how fun it is, I decided to help Louisiana 2nd District Rep. Joseph Cao. Cao was elected over corrupt Incumbent “Dollar Bill” Jefferson. Despite being a Republican in a district that leans D+25, Cao has been relatively conservative. He voted with us on the stimulus, on Cap-and-Tax, and is doing something very shocking for a House member: He’s actually reading the health care bill before he decides how to vote! His first quarter of fundraising wasn’t too hot. He blew the doors off in the 2nd quarter with $365,000 raised. However, this week, Cao got his first challenger. State Rep. Juan Lafonta told the media he was running….as a Democrat, not Independent like we were hoping. So, tweet, re-tweet, e-mail , put it on your Facebook, whatever, but try to get the word out! https://secure.donationreport.com/donation.html?key=B32XHMYHWI3B

I want to try to get as many donations by August 7!