Ny-23: Liberal Republican In, Conservative Dem out.

Well, Liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava ( she may be better than McHugh, she opposes Cap-and-Tax) got the GOP Nomination last night. Also, today, Conservative Democrat, Darrell Aubertine, whom Red State was ready to endorse, has decided not to run. So, now we are gonna be stuck with a Center-Left Republican or a Center-Left Dem. Who do I think you should support? The Republican. Isn’t it Red State policy to endorse Conservatives in primarys, and Republicans in general elections? Also, we can see how she votes. If she votes worse than McHugh, primary her. If she is better, let her stay. Also, a victory by Dede could help in recruitment of conservatives. Can you imagine what  our top recruits and fundraising would be like if we lost another competitive special election? Pretty crappy. Look, the County chairs gave this to us. We just have to make the best of it. And, once she gets to Washington, she may vote more conservative. Look at Cap and Trade for example.