Jne fundraising: NRCC and DCCC

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had its strongest monthly fundraising performance to date in June, and now holds more cash-on-hand that outstanding debt for the first time this year.

Aided by a fundraiser headlined by President Obama, the DCCC raised $7.15 million – twice as much as the NRCC’s fundraising haul over the month. It now has $9.73 million cash-on-hand, and owes $6 million in outstanding debt.

For its part, the NRCC raised $3.1 million in the month, and banked $4.16 million at the end of June. It still owes $3.25 million in debt.

For the year, the DCCC has raised $30.84 million, while the NRCC has brought in $17.55 million.

Bottom line: The Republican’s in the House and Senate really need to step it up.