Decision in the FL Senate race

Up until this point, I had been undecided in Florida’s 2010 senate race. While I do not live in Florida, I do have a blog and forum that I use to raise money for Republicans. Today, Marco Rubio and I were talking on Twitter. I told him how I was undecided and all. Then he pointed out something that I already knew, whats the point of electing a Republican that votes with Democrats? That is not what made my decision. I had been leaning towards Rubio anyway the last few days. But the fact that I was getting such quick, real responses made my decision. The Republican party needs more Marco Rubios. Someone who is not afraid of a fight. Someone who is young and charismatic. Someone who attracts attention. Someone who is a natural leader. Someone who is a minortiy. These sound familiar? I just described our President. I also described Marco Rubio, someone I see as our future president. After a new poll, I am more faithful that we can win in the general against Kendrick Meek with Marco Rubio, but it will be a fight. A fight that Red State readers have shown they are willing to fight. Donate to Marco at Does this mean we should drain the NRSC of money? Absolutely not. I will explain why not in a later diary.