Harass Your Employees...I Mean 'Public Officials'!

[Excerpt from “Citizen Soldier Handbook: Fighting Big Government, Bigger Taxes and the Biggest Idiots”]

“Government is too big and too important to be left to the politicians.” Chester Bowles (1901 – 1986)

Why This Is Important: Elected officials and those appointed by government officials have one thing in common: They are your employees. When I discovered the Post Office was changing our mailwoman, I was incensed. She had built up the route. She knew when the elderly got their checks. And checked on them when she hadn’t seen them for a few days.  She liked our dogs.  She was attentive, diligent and caring – and the Post Office wanted to swap her out. I talked to neighbors, fellow members of the Neighborhood Watch, got a petition together – one with real signatures – and made a stink. I sent my petition to my state Senators and representatives, my Federal Senators and Representatives along with the local Mayor and post office managers. I faxed it to the Postmaster General of the United States – because he’s my employee. I sent it every time I added names. Fifteen or twenty page reminders every other day. Ultimately, the route went to another postman because their union rules mandate a seniority bidding process– not necessarily what’s best for the American citizen. I dumpster dove into the bureaucratic nadir, but I did rattle cages with my two hundred plus voter signatures. And showed that chutzpah and determination could cause a stir. The effort energized me, demonstrated the power of an actual petition (rather than an online petition) and empowered me. That’s really influential on local officials who count on votes. Hold  elected officials accountable.

America has three great avenues of expression:   Voting. Free Speech. Elected officials. And they’re all interrelated to your Citizen-Soldier work. Use them all.

Citizen-Soldier Technique:  Send Faxes

My guess is that the hotshot politicos don’t really print out emails for their Representatives or Senators to read. Faxes are another story. A fax shows up physically and is put on a person’s desk – hopefully the elected representative’s desk. I think, therefore, that it carries more weight. You can setup your computer to send a fax directly from your software program. Most computers have built-in fax software.

Citizen-Soldier Technique:  Write up Letters for Friends

If there are friends who trust you, then write up letters with their names (and maybe their electronic signatures) on the bottom. Send them off through your fax software like from your home fax machine. They’re all voters. If they’ve given you permission to send on their behalf,  then you’ve leveraged their permission and letters for your Issue.

Citizen-Soldier Technique:  Use an Email Signature Line

When you send out an email, create a special signature line to make people aware of Socialists. Here’s one of mine:

John Smith

[email protected]


1. www.cagw.comCitizenAgainstGovernmentWaste – See how politicians are wasting your money with stupid projects instead of for police, fire and schools.

2. Emergency Preparedness – Prepare your  family and community for a natural disaster/terrorist attack.

3. Reduce Big Government – Deficits are growing out of control.  You have to take action to keep your city working.   Don’t take it for granted.  Take Action today.

Get to work today.  And check out my site CitizenSoldierHandbook.com for more strategies and ideas.