Citizen Soldier Action: Build a Team With Technology

The attraction will only grow because of a Congress addicted to spending, compromise and elitism.    The Tea Party is spontaneous, emotive and principle driven – and lead in an inspiring, rise-to-the-top American way.  Rather than the backroom party politics way.   This means building up this great site and your personal political networks.

In the “Build Your Team With Technology”  section in my ebook, “Citizen Soldier Handbook:  Fighting Big Government…” [http://www.sharewareebooks.com/eBooks/Current_Event/Citizen_Soldier_Handbook%3A__Fighting_Big_Government]

I talk about how you can use technology to expand your reach.   Consider these websites:

Mashable – www.mashable.com
The Social Media Guide – an essential site with Twitter Guide, Facebook Guidebook, Trending, Lists and more. Just browsing will give you plenty of ideas.

Ping – www.Ping.fm
Update all your social networks at once. Essential in a multinetwork world.

Posterus –http://posterous.com/
Use email to update all your sites with photos, audio files and links, documents and video (both links AND files).

They are very useful site to just grow the Tea Party and Redstate.com