Citizen Soldier Action: Write a Play

ACTION:  Write a Play.

“Citizen Soldier Handbook: 101 Ways for Every American To Fight Terrorism” by Michael Mandaville


The theater is still an extraordinary forum to stir thought and get out new information under the First Amendment.  When it’s permitted, of course, by the local powers that be.   Plays resonate with the public and can cause controversy – perhaps with such incredibly radical lines as “I love America” and “I want to fight Terrorism”

Write about a topic that you believe in.  Think inexpensive – five actors or less.  Rent a local theater.  Publicize it in the local papers.  Maybe get a sponsor to help you with the publicity.  Brainstorm.

A few brave souls are pushing forward with conservative, pro-American plays on, of all places, Broadway.

From the article:

•Reagan” is a one-man play that doesn’t portray the 40th president as a fascist. It’s by Lionel Chetwynd, whose scripts for television and film include “The Hanoi Hilton,” “Color of Justice,” “Kissinger and Nixon” and “DC 9/11: Time of Crisis.”

•The other play is “Girls in Trouble (Formerly Three Abortions)” by Jonathan Reynolds, one of the few openly conservative members of the Dramatists Guild.

•His play “Stonewall Jackson’s House,” a sharp attack on political correctness, was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1998.



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