How four letters define two parties.

At first glance, it does not look like much. Maybe a word that would score bonus points in Scrabble. Possibly an acronym for a new quasi-government agency. But the letters E E N and E, shape the political philosophies of our two party system.

You see, these letters are the difference between CONVICTION and CONVENIENCE. Now they both have good and bad parts. Someone who stands by conviction might be said to be “close minded” or “scared of change”. Those who take to convenience are “indecisive” or “populists”. Which one is the better choice?

For my money, when we are talking about our life, liberty, and property….I go with conviction.

President Bush fought an unpopular war because of his conviction that it was going to make America safer.

Arlen Spector chose to go Democrat because of the convenience of wanting to win.

What party do you want in your corner?