Diary of a Rush Baby

Like him or not, it would be very difficult to deny that Rush Limbaugh has transformed the world of politics in America over the last two decades. I am one of the first generation of Rush Babies to enter the real world, and I am extremely grateful for the influence he had, and continues to have, on my understanding of conservative thought and practice. As I came of age in the era of Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh provided commentary on the events surrounding my life that was both entertaining and informative.

Much of the criticism he receives centers around his blend of entertainment and information. Most of us Rush Babies had at least one liberal college professor tell us that the Rush Limbaugh Show is nothing more than entertainment, and should never be taken seriously. Of course, to most liberals, no point of view that conflicts with their own should ever be taken seriously anyway. Condescension is often employed as a preemptive strike for those whose policy defence strategy is based less on common sense than on emotional or populist rhetoric.

But Rush has defied every detractor. His show has grown beyond anything else in the industry, (if only among us “bitter gun-toting religious fanatics”) and he continues to redefine talk radio and inspire others to at least try to emulate his success. His influence on conservative thought and practice in America cannot be overstated, and his influence on young people continues to guard against the liberal indoctrination that occurs daily in our “screwls” and universities.

It’s no wonder Democrats and the left are desparately trying to reintroduce the Fairness Doctrine. If nothing else, Rush – and his proud ideological offspring – can see this outrageous attempt at regulation of speech as the remarkable compliment that it is. Congratulations Rush…and thanks.

Also, head on over to Human Events where they’re celebrating 20 years of the show with some great articles about “The Great One.”

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