RIP Tony Snow

The contrast between President Bush’s previous 2 press secretaries (before Dana Perino) couldn’t be more marked. When Tony Snow stepped in to clean up the mess left by the incompetent Scott McClellan, it was like a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone who could actually communicate the positions of the Bush administration with intelligence and flair. He was articulate, witty, and extremely good at defending policy.

He earned the respect of the press corps when the vast majority of his audience were biased against the administration he was representing. Compare that to the idiot that was his predecessor, and well, there is no comparison. The reason Tony Snow was such a success in his postion is the same reason McClellan was such a failure. Tony Snow actually believed in the policies he defended. He was passionate in his belief in conservatism as the best hope for this nation, and that drove his desire to persuade others who didn’t believe.

Unlike McClellan, he wasn’t simply spouting the talking points handed down from the higher-ups. He had a genuine desire to defend the administration because he honestly believed in the job it was trying to do. Tony Snow will be missed by those of us who long for articulate defenses of conservative principles in the public arena.Red’s Rightings