We conservatives make a consistent mistake ...

when we offer reasons for the actions or language of Obama or his administration (like why he released his birth certificate now) is looking through the logical and practical lens that dominates OUR thought processes. WE would have released the long-form to counter polls losing the issue, or to embarrass birthers and Trump, or to distract from Bernacke’s news, or to keep the news away from gas prices and the failing economy.

We need to understand the sage advice of the most intelligent detective author Edgar Allan Poe in his clever short story “The Purloined Letter”: the mistake we make is in “identification of the reasoner’s intellect with that of his opponent.”

Radicals and progressives, especially those well-trained in the ways of Alinsky and community organizing, think much differently than we do. Their goal is never the protection of credibility or integrity, or reversing a bad poll trend, or merely making an opponent look bad. Any means justify the ends of destroying the institutions that support, or even help to patch up holes in, the American society and government that the founding fathers created over 200 years ago.

We need to start understanding how Obama and his liberal ilk think, what their goals are, especially what they do NOT care about, in order to make sense of their language and actions, and to predict and combat the same.

So why would Obama wait all this time to finally release the long-form? Just look at what he gained as a result: the elevation of Donald Trump (not the embarrassment of Trump as most suspect). Obama and his handlers were not holding onto the “issue”, and the actual certificate, to make birthers look bad. He held a .. excuse the pun … trump card in his back pocket; he could use it anytime he needed it.

Obama now has a useful tool as an potential presidential opponent. How do we know? Look a Trump’s predictable response (with all due credit to Poe, Obama and his friends CAN predict what we will do, though we are not very good at predicting what they will do): With Trump’s predictable ego and his mega-microphone, he not only took credit for the “release” of the birth certificate, but heralded as the new hero of the tea partiers and most conservatives, taking on their fight. I am not a birther, and know better, but I even had the shallow feeling of being a “winner” in the birth certificate battle this week: “Look what we forced Obama to do! Hurray!” Now the Donald is rising in the polls, early and unreliable as they are, and … wait for it…. he will now be the “face” of the Republican party for the next year, for independents who hate him, and liberals who despise him and all he stands for …. And what is it he stands for: THINK BIG. He stands for the very institutions that Obama and the progressives want to continue destroying: big business, the wealthy, isolationists, warmongers, etc. It is not about Donald, or about the birth certificate. It IS always about winning, not another presidency, but the battle of the radicals against the rest of us.

We need to open our eyes, understand our opponents and how they think, if we mean to get our country back.  Once again, the “trump card” was played on us … the question remains, will we will fold, or learn to play the game better?