Conspiracy Theory!

I have a question regarding “CT’s”
If a person was approached by an “enemy of the State”
and given information regarding an ongoing crime
in which the “conspirators” were in control of a
government finance group……
Where would you report the ongoing crime?
Could you write a “diary” about it ?
Would Red State accept the “diary”?
Just what the hell could you do?

I have been accused of writing “crazy” diaries.
I am the exact opposite to a crazy.
I have been trying within the boundaries of this
method of communication to inform the reader of
what I know.
There are persons that do not want this information
given out.
Perhaps after I am dead, someone will come forth
out of the thousands involved, with a “conspiracy
There are hundreds that want to tell their story.
Please don’t hinder them as you have me.
Remember this.
Tax Maggots are sucking us dry.
They will suck you dry too.