We, who have seen Fascists in action during the WWII era, are not timid
about our criticisms of the “politics of hate”.
I am amused by the Obama “Fascisti” propagation of his system.
They have used every term mentioned in “1984”  to whitewash their activities.  George Orwell would even be amused.
Then the fascist science of propaganda raised its ugly head.
The use of Charles Gibson to propagandize socialize medicine was a classic “Josef
Goebbels” operation.
Would you ever think that the United States could ever be called “fascist”?
That is exactly what thisliberal government has become.
They are the fascist oppressors of the American people.
The sad part is that they cannot deny it.
What will ever become of a civilization that has been so corrupted?  The so-called oppressed
are now the oppressors.   When someone from the government is “here to help,”
hold on to your wallet