I had almost decided to “quit the blog” when the
election was lost.
The crash of a titan made me rethink.
The “Left Wingers” always need confusion.
Government investment sounds good.
Government investment sounds helpful.
Government investment is socialism.
Thats all there is to it.

In an economy that only moves when someone
borrows money from someone, when the well runs dry
there is no “economy”.
Our tax maggot masters are telling us
that we must spend like drunken sailers on shore leave.
And we must provide the money.
They insist.
In my opinion, borrowing money to give
to someone else
is stupid.
There are two problems that Americans
have today.
Barrowing and taxation.
Those of us that lived in the era before
these “problems” existed, know what
the “real American Dream” is all about.
It’s not about this nightmare.