Tax Maggots

The “Tax Maggots” are back.
Sucking up the dollars needed to restore our self respect.
How can this happen at this time?
We have not indicted the thieves that used this
same “Modus operande” before.
If its one thing that criminals understand,
if they don’t catch you the first time—-
keep doing it until they do.
Is our new Attorney General a “General”
or a “Private”.

The Nova-Fascists have created a aura of fantasy
in our entire country.
This “hope” is imaginary.
It is created.
“They” want you to beleive—
so they can continue to rob you.
This is the old “protection racket”
carried out to the nth degree.
Put Geithner and  Obama out on the street
and the economy will rise 50 %.
The Tax Maggots will be voted out
right behind them.