Why does the Obama campaign (and the Democrat Party)pick on a governor and hockey mom from a rural state?
The answer is what is happeningbecause of such a choice.
Our sense of reasoning is diverted.We are in a life or death situation….and they want us to ignore it.We are on the cusp of a disasterand they want us to ignore it.Governor Palin is a hero to regular Americans.She is dangerous to liberal whiners.

We are being set-up for another Clinton fiasco.It is becoming more obvious every day.Obama whines about Palin for “shock effect”.They needed something that could narrow the margin.Whining about the economy and the war can only “create” so many votes.She would make a good president—–like George W. Bush.Any “real power” in her hands would bevery dangerous—–dangerous to the whiner Democrat party.Her mentality is that government should befor the people, by the people, of the people.Not the elitists but the people.She is very dangerous indeed.