Another Dolt

Haven’t we had enough of dummies in the White House?Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t know enoughto preside over this country.He is not a “Change Agent”.
Barack Hussein Obama is just a stupid spoiled brat.He is a Democrat politician because he is not smart enoughto be anything else.His Vice Presidential choice was not his.It was the “tax maggots”.And “Change”—he’s barely smart enough to “change” his underwear.He is a greedy, greedy man.If he were a “Babe”, we would call him a “gold digger”.Sometimes these “takers” capture our attention becausethey seem so skillful.When you look at it, they just”tax and take.”Most of them are just “grown children”.My wife and I call them “third graders”That’s where their “learning curve” peaked out.We have had enough “takers” in the White House.It’s time for a “giver”.John McCain has given for his country.We should give to him.