We Were "Mislead"

This is the kindest verb I can use.The “change” on the donkey’s side is lies.We are being led down the “Primrose Path” again.The “tax maggots” want you to believe they are winning.These lies are necessary for their fraud to work.This election could be the end of Free Markets inthe World’s future.The “tax maggots” must be stopped.”We the people” will become slaves to the Change-ocrats.They have set the stage for the finale.

They have spent years “preparing” you.They have conditioned you through “hope” untilyou are nearly ready to acquiesce.You answer, “Not Me”! !But you already have…twiceBecause a “Clinton” lost the nominationdoesn’t mean the Clintons are lost.
You are not capable of running your own government.They picked Barak Obama because he is theMaster of “Hope,” the ultimate “Changocrat.”They have spent their “change” on their past lies.Don’t be fooled again. Tax maggots do not change.Obama is one of “them”.
Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.
And don’t stop thinking about the 90s.Never again.