The "Shell"

What are the Democrats trying to serve to us now ?Barack Obama is what we call in “the business”—a sleeper.He has been carefully created as a “change agent”.They were saving him for a moment like this.The entire World loves Bill Clinton.And for what reason?He is the most obvious lying womanizer the World has ever seen.His devious, smirking attitude that he is a “leader”turns the stomach of most citizens.He’s really just the horny prevaricator that never grew up.There is one problem.When the “change agent” mouths the same words as the “Original”it comes out like the Tower of Babel.It isn’t even what you would call a normal, acceptable lie—-It is a ridiculous concoction.Perhaps this is some new “McAuliffe attempt” to circumvent ourintelligence.In the Fifties we had a saying, Doing it “for drill”.It indicated that if you had no real reason to do anythingyou could do it just “for drill”.This is exactly the same result we would get with Obama’s”Drill”. Nothing.
Obama is just another “Clintonista”.He’s a loser.