What can be done about an out of control president?

There is a problem in our constitutional republic. As long as more than 1/3rd of the senate is of the same political party as the president, and that party cares more for preserving power than the integrity of the governmental system, there isn’t anything that congress can do to stop a president turned dictator.

It requires 2/3rds of both houses of congress to override a veto, and 1/2 of the house and 2/3rds of the senate to impeach and convict.

A constitutional amendment to restricting presidential authority would first be ineffective as the president isn’t following the constitution anyway, and second of all would require the 2/3rds of the senate again to even get off the ground.

The house has the power of the purse, however any budget that makes it through the senate needs to be signed by the president or have the veto overridden. So if we are going to have any money appropriated at all it will have to get the approval of either the president or the 1/3rd of the senate of the same party. Another round of having the government shut down is then the result, which cannot last indefinitely. Splitting up the budget into multiple bills may lessen the blow of a shutdown, but that is precisely why it is more of a longshot.

How did we get to this point? I suppose the founders never thought that the federal government would be split near down the middle between parties that wouldn’t ever consider removing one of their own from office.

We did well this last election, but we still don’t have the 67 senators needed for the next two years. Do we just wait through that period and resign ourselves to the reality that we may be an electoral dictatorship from this point on? Do we fight for things we know won’t go anywhere and will probably damage our own side? Is there anything that we can do that can actually accomplish something?