Thank You, Erick

As a lifelong conservative Nebraskan, I have spent countless hours listening to and reading political punditry, often lamenting our Cornhusker Kickback Nelsons and our McCain-like Hagels.  (How can Nebraska be such a conservative RedState, yet have such a poor history of Senators..?)

With Johanns retiring, many Nebraskans were hopeful that the 2014 Senate candidates would consist of more than just the usual, perennial “vote-for-me” professional campaigners like Bruning, Stenberg and the like.  Erick wrote a blog in Fall of last year explaining why someone, many of my neighbors and I never heard of, needed to be our next Senator.  I was blessed to meet and speak with Ben Sasse at a local GOP committee meeting in November, shortly after reading Erick’s post.  Ben was sincere and engaging, even though he was to speak in a few minutes;  and was thankful when I mentioned my initial reason for being predisposed to support him was Erick’s endorsement here on RedState.

Fast Forward six months, and conservative Nebraskans rejoice as Ben Sasse commands half the GOP vote in a sweeping victory tonight.  It seems that Erick was on the forefront of what was a successful formula here in Nebraska:  Take a sincere, successful individual who loves his neighbors and his country; run a positive and honest campaign about the challenges we face and the source of the problems; and believe that the good people of the state will trust you to join the stand for freedom in Washington.  We may not win them all; but tonight, we won one in Nebraska.

Thank you, Erick, for helping to lead the charge, and shining a light of opportunity on our little slice of middle America.  On behalf of thousands of fellow Nebraksans who aren’t in the political machine and aren’t sure even where to find the cocktail circuit, we are grateful for your support and leadership in finding those who share our conservative values and principals.

God Bless You,

-Eric B.