GOP Wasn't Prepared for Obama's Lies in '08.

Americans have come to accept the fact that most politicians lie to them. It’s just who politicians are. However, no one was prepared for the master of all fabricators, Barack Obama, whose entire past has been the creation of a vivid, yet calculating imagination. Unfortunately for the President, all liars are eventually exposed. Is 2012 the year Obama gets caught in his own web of deceit?

Barack Obama: Not a 'Real' Boy

You would have thought after enduring eight years of a Bill Clinton presidency, the Republican Party would have figured out how to handle a chronic liar in the game of politics.


Bill Clinton with the Infamous Intern

Not even spinmeister Bill Clinton could prepare America for the mountain of myth that was to come. See…Bill Clinton was a liar, but most of his lies stemmed from his efforts to cover up his juvenile, sexual escapades. Harmless lies, in the eyes of many. Sadly, a good number of Americans were even able to relate to his lies, which led to their rationalization. After all, many Americans have had their own troubles with marital fidelity, and most have spun their own web of lies as they’ve tried to hide their adultery. On that level, people actually identified with Clinton. He was ‘one of them,’ and they even pitied him for being forced to face his shame in such a public fishbowl. And so, with an empathetic bite of the lower lip…and a ‘heartfelt’ point of the thumb, Bill Clinton got a pass.

But Bill Clinton was a complete amateur when compared to Barack Obama. Even though people knew Clinton lied, they still knew who he was. They knew where he was born…where he was raised…where he was educated…who his friends were…and what his political beliefs were. He was a known quantity, and with two assists from H. Ross Perot, the loveable Arkansas pig was provided with enough lipstick to pretty himself up for 8 years.

With Barack Obama, it was different. In 2008, neither the media, nor his political opponents properly vetted him. Some tried. The Hillary Clinton primary campaign began looking into Barack Obama’s mysterious past, and found out quickly that anyone who attempted to go there would be facing the most vicious, retaliatory attack dog imaginable. Even the popular Bill Clinton backed off after the Obama campaign painted “the first black president” as a southern racist, simply for questioning Obama’s eligibility.

Amazingly, Obama’s story seemed to blossom as the campaign progressed. The most incredible fairytale emerged of a boy with humble beginnings, with all the odds against him, on the rise to the most powerful position in the world. Audiences cheered. Women fainted. The media swooned. Chris Matthews felt thrills run up his leg. And political opponents cowered. The Republican Party was completely unprepared to campaign against such a storybook candidate. Even John McCain, the 2008 GOP sacrificial lamb, seemed to be enamored by this heartrending underdog story. McCain campaigned like he felt it would be an honor just to lose to Barack Obama. It was as though a team of Hollywood screen writers was creating this unlikely character and his rise to glory, on the fly.

Ironically, it appears now that they were. After 3 1/2 years as president, more and more facts are coming to light proving that very little of Barack Obama’s amazing story is actually true. His fairy tale life is just that; a fairy tale. The fabrications have become so blatantly apparent that even Obama, when caught in his own lies, has been forced to admit that much of what he wrote in his “autobiography,” Dreams From My Father, is fiction and metaphor.

A Ringing Endorsement from Terrorist Bill Ayers

As the end of Obama’s first (hopefully his only) term in office approaches, the beautiful facade has begun to crumble. One by one, his warts are being exposed. He has a record that tells us who ‘Barack Obama’ really is, and his extremist ideologies have been dragged kicking and screaming into the sunlight as we’ve seen the radicals with whom he surrounds himself.

But the most important change from 2008 has been opponents’ willingness to go after him. Led by a courageous army of new media, bloggers, and the Tea Party, the GOP has finally figured out that Obama isn’t bulletproof. There are so many inconsistencies in his story that the list of what is true about Barack Obama is much shorter and easier to compile than the list of fantasies.

As his costume is slowly and steadily stripped away, America is finding out that Barack Obama doesn’t look very good naked.