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In 2012 I voted for Gary Johnson,


    Looking back at the whole thing I really regret it. My father told me I was throwing my vote away, that I was supporting a radical change in America on the notion of principle. I voted on my ideals and principles rather than pragmatism. Gary Johnson barely recovered 1% of the total vote, and at the time I thought it was a victory over the establishment. I firmly stuck my finger up to all those “sheep” who voted for the two major parties and Obama was reelected not because he was more popular than Romney, but because I was a patriot fighting back and stealing votes. This mindset is apparent in the Libertarian community; Republicans lost because we made them lose.

   Holding this as a badge of honor we walked into four more years of radical left politics. The people I knew went away to school and came back different. Having gone to a trade school, the job market got much more difficult to float around in. I kept hearing about all these “good times ahead”, that the grassroots libertarian surge took over and it was only a matter of time. Libertarians can keep thinking this; there’s a storm coming, and my generation is welcoming it.

  Looking back two years ago I was a fairly social liberal. The notion of leaving everyone alone is idealistic, and some of the things I stood for were put into motion, however it wasn’t what I expected. For example, Gay Marriage; on paper this sounds like a no-brainer. It sounds fair and right, however events leading up to the Supreme Court ruling shifted how I felt overall. I saw Christians (conservatives for that matter) being thrown to a wall and blackmailed to do things they should be able to refuse. My friends jeered at each Christian bakery getting called out by the Social Justice Warrior brigade. After the Supreme Court decision, I saw less about getting actually married and more about “What’s the next lawsuit?”

    I kept looking deeper into moral degeneracy (keep in mind I am a tatted up guy, I’m an atheist and you probably couldn’t pick me out of a crowd of 20-somethings). Tumblr has always been a site I avoided, I heard horror stories and just overall the amount of filth on that website is overwhelming. Digging into the website I saw the moral decay caused by cultural Marxism and third wave feminism.  I saw young men feeling ashamed for being men, I saw girls my age dying the armpits purple in the guise of “F the Patriarchy”, I saw a smorgasbord of fake gender and sexuality that my generation carelessly throws around like Boy Scout badges.

  Majority of my friends (white ones included) even started assuming White People have no culture. They joke about Starbucks and Chipolte as the basis of White Culture, and in all honesty, it’s sickening. These kids who went off to school and got liberal arts degrees came back thinking people like me (IE: People who work for a living) were the source of racism and poverty in America. These were the people only two years ago were more than willing to high five me for my rejection of the two party system. I now realize why; they won, they don’t need people like me anymore.

  So now talk around town is how awesome [mc_name name=”Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”S000033″ ] is. It doesn’t take a Ivy league economics major to see the flaws in Sanders budget plan. I’m a cook, and even I have more sense than this man. Essentially these kids have found a new savior and I’m worried. I’m worried he could possibly win, and I honestly have no idea what will happen to people like me. These cultural Marxists are more than happy to dismiss old people and assume they’ll just die off, but what about someone who isn’t even thirty? What about the devout catholic teenager who upholds traditional values? What about the African American student who sees how corrupt this system is? We have a long life ahead of us and now is the time to unite against this wave of radical leftism.

  I tried being friends, it’s time to save America.

-Ondřej Sova





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