McCain Won Debate EVEN WITH Missed Opportunities

Of the tens of thousands of questions that were submitted for the debate tonight, the ones chosen by Brokaw (in the tank for Barry) and his staff were complete layups. The war on terror, personal character, gay marriage, abortion and soooo many more questions that Americans discuss daily were not even raised or “chosen” for the candidates to address.

McCain had opportunities to hit answers out of the park! Example: On the question of what we would do if Iran attacked Israel and would we wait for UN approval? McCain could have easily said “If Iran attacks ANY of our allies or interests, not just Israel, the human speedbumps at the UN will read about our response in the next morning’s New York Times as the dust settles in Tehran. As Iran developes it’s nuclear capacity, it’s only logical that, with the help of the Russians and Chinese, they’ll develop the delivery systems to threaten, not just Israel and southern Europe, but even the continental US. That’s why I support the placement of missle defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic.”

As for health care: McCain could have said: “Obama wants to do for the health care system what he and the democrats have done for the mortgage industry and home ownership. Congressional records, C-SPAN video, news agencies and countless other sources are full of evidence that the democrats, including Obama who also was a lawyer for ACORN fighting the government to ease rules on mortgage applications, fought off regulation and oversight that would have clearly prevented the crisis we are now in. The last thing we need is for him to do is get his hands on health care. With the simple example of how democrats handled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, do you want them handling matters relating to your health insurance?”

When discussing “Pakistan”… McCain could have easily said, “How is it that Obama pronounces “Pakistan” as “Pahkeestahn?” Is it because he picked up the accent while traveling there in 1981 on an Indonesian passport? Why is he only obsessed with Bin Laden when there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of al Qaeda terror cells around the world? We know that Saddam’s Iraq was a terrorist haven and had supportive ties with al Qaeda. So why not wipe out threats from wherever they exist? The 9/11 Commission said that there was no evidence of Iraqi involvement in 9/11 attacks. However, the war on terror is also waged to prevent the next 9/11. How will the American people feel when we take focus off of those cells, get attacked again and say, “well, we’re closing in on their boss.” If any goverment, including Pakistan, isn’t up to attacking terror cells and camps within their borders, I promise to relieve them of that pressure.”

Still, even with these, any many other, missed oppotunites, McCain succeeded at presenting facts, vision and leadership. Obama succeeded as the snake oil salesman he has become. God help us if our country elects Obama and his clear and present danger to America!