Thanks to New Jersey, Virginia, and Maine

Just one year ago, Barack Obama won by 6 points over John McCain in Virginia.  That marked the first in 44 years a Democrat carried the Old Dominion state, a big surprise.  In New Jersey, the bluest of the blue states, Obama won by 15 points, not so much of a surprise. Well, well, well, how the mighty ONE has fallen in just a year.

Last night in Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell trounced Democrat Creigh Deeds by 18 points.  Also last night, in New Jersey, the bluest of the blue states, Republican Chris Christie defeated Democratic incumbent Governor Jon Corzine by 5 points.  That’s a 24 point turnaround in Virginia in one year alone! In New Jersey, a 19 point swing in one year.  What is this? Just one year ago, all the pundits on CNN, MSNBC, left-wing bloggers, and others were saying that conservatism was dead and the Republican party would be in the political wilderness for decades. I wonder if James Carville is calling in sick today.

Well the GOP in some ways is still in the wilderness, just look at the mess in NY-23.  They better wake up and realize that conservatism wins elections, not moderation.  If Doug Hoffman would have been the Republican nominee from the start, conservatives would have been celebrating four victories. Instead, we were given Dede Scozzafava, who was to the left of the Democrat Bill Owens. A Republican in support of card check, the porkulus package, pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, are you kidding me? The RNC wasted $900,000 on a liberal Republican, who then turned on the RNC and endorsed the Democrat. Geez, what gratitude on Scozzafava’s part?!

The third victory for conservatives last night came in Maine. Voters rejected same-sex marriage, getting 53 percent of the vote.  So, I ask the naysayers from 2008. Is conservatism dead? In my opinion, HELL NO!!! Conservatism never died, and it never will. We will never allow it to happen.

I heard this morning that President Obama wasn’t watching last night’s election results.  Well if he didn’t watch, he heard about it by now. After last night, I believe his radical agenda is in big trouble.

Message to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid from the conservatives:

We’re not going away, we’re not going, try so hard to break us, but all your diamonds turn to sand.  We’ll see you again, same time, next year.