De-fund the EPA

I’m an over-the-road truck driver. I’m very much against “cap-and-trade” like all of us. This legislation will devastate the economy in every way. Let me tell you about it.

In a recent article in Land Line magazine, if cap-and-trade becomes law, the cost of diesel fuel will increase by at least 88 cents per gallon, according to the Congressional Budget Office. This will cause our shipping rates and fuel surcharges to increase sharply. The consignees that receives the freight will inevitably be passed on to the consumer. The cost of everyday items like food, clothing, and medical supplies will increase sharply.  Have you ever heard of the phrase, “if you got it, a truck brought it.” It’s very true.

But the Enviromental Protection Agency(EPA), or as I call them, the “Eco-Wacko Propaganda Agency, is planning on implementing its’ own regulations by the power under the Clean Air Act that was misguidedly given to them by the Supreme Court in EPA vs. Massachusetts in 2007. The EPA is trying to pressure the Senate to act based on this reckless decision.

I don’t believe we should let unelected bureaucrats bully anybody into accepting their political agenda. That’s why we need to call all our Congressmen and Senators in both the House and Senate and tell the EPA to back off or introduce legislation to strip them of the power to implement their agenda. Better yet, tell them to introduce legislation to cut funding to the EPA.  Congress has control of the purse strings, the EPA needs to be reminded of that. Let’s all tell the EPA to go away.